How Much Does It Cost To Fix SRS Light??

A clock spring or crash sensor may run around $75 to $125, a seat belt with pretensioner may cost you around $200 to $300, and the computer itself could run upwards of $800 to $1000.

Keep in mind, pricing will vary by location and your vehicle make and model.

How do I get the SRS light off?

How to Reset SRS #Airbag Light Turn off the SRS. –

What would cause the SRS light to come on?

If the SRS light stays on or starts flashing on and off, you may have a problem with the airbags themselves, a loose wire, a faulty seat belt buckle, or a problem with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is causing the airbag warning light to stay on.

Can you drive with the SRS light on?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the car isn’t safe to drive but it’s like playing with fire if you do. When this light is on it means your safety system isn’t working at 100% and in some cases, it could mean that your airbags are disabled and will not deploy in an accident. So is it safe to drive with an SRS light on?

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