Does The ECON Button Really Save Gas??

Therefore while driving up a hill in cruise control the vehicle may decrease in speed until the vehicle reaches the crest of thill in order to save gas.

The ECON button also effects the air conditioner by turning the compressor on and off more frequently which will save fuel.

When should I use Econ mode?

When You Shouldn’t Use the Econ Button

The Econ Button greatly increases your Honda’s efficiency and saves on fuel consumption, but because the Econ mode affects some of your vehicle’s operations, there are times when you should restrict its use.

Is Eco mode bad for your car?

Eco mode in most cars only alters transmission shift algorithms and throttle response, those don’t harm the car in anyway. The whole idea of eco mode is to dumb down driver throttle inputs so that the car uses less fuel due to smoother (and less aggressive) acceleration.

Can you leave the ECON button on?

When you shouldn’t use the Honda Econ Button

On hot days: Because the Econ button is affecting the climate control, you might not want to use it on hot days as it will reduce the air conditioning and in this case, it can do the opposite and leave you with higher fuel consumption and high temperature in the cabin.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons”