Quick Answer: What Do You Need To Renew Your Car Registration??

It is recommended that you bring your proof of insurance and any other documentation necessary for your renewal to your county motor vehicle office and renew your registration in-person.

Vehicle information displayed includes:

  • Plate Number.
  • County.
  • Vehicle Make.
  • Vehicle Year.
  • VIN (last 6 digits only)
  • Type.
  • Renewal Fee.

What do you need to register a vehicle?

To register a vehicle, you must go to a registry agent with the following:

  1. proof of ownership document, such as a lease, bill of sale, probated will or letters of administration.
  2. proof of valid insurance for the vehicle that includes the name(s) of the person(s) requesting the registration.
  3. acceptable identification.

What happens if you let your registration expires?

Can I legally drive my vehicle after the registration expires? Yes, for a limited time. A vehicle may be operated up to five working days after the registration expires without penalty. After those five days, you can receive a citation of up to $200.

What do I need to re register my car in Alberta?

Steps to complete the car registration process in Alberta are :

  • Visit : Visit a registry agent in person.
  • Ownership : Provide proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Insurance : Provide proof of valid Alberta car insurance.
  • ID : Personal identification.
  • Fees : Pay the vehicle registration fee.

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