Quick Answer: What BMW Is In NFS Most Wanted??

Razor drives a black Ford Mustang GT.

The BMW M3 GTR depicted on the box art of Need for Speed: Most Wanted features a different wheel design compared to the M3 GTR that appears in the title.

Where does NFS Most Wanted take place?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is set in the fictional city of Rockport during daytime with some occurrences of rain that impacts a car’s handling. The perimeter of Rockport consists of industrial, urban and rural areas, with some locations allowing players to drive in remote places.

Where is BMW m3 in NFS Most Wanted?

BMW M3 Coupe location in Need For Speed Most Wanted (NFS MW 2) This is the location that I found the BMW M3 Coupe: Downtown.

When did Need for Speed Most Wanted come out?