What Ferrari Does Magnum Drive??

Ferrari Is Still the Star in the Magnum, P.I., Reboot on CBS.

The Ferrari 308GTS is back, but the detective’s main ride is now a 488, and, of course, he’s no longer played by Tom Selleck.

How fast is a Ferrari 308 GTS?


Top speed 226 kph (140 mph)
0 – 100 kph 7.8 s
0 – 100 mph 21.5 s
Est. 1/8 mile 11.1 s @ 76.4 mph
1/4 mile 15.6 s @ 88.9 mph

Is Higgins from Magnum PI still alive?

John Benedict Hillerman (December 20, 1932 – November 9, 2017) was an American actor best known for his starring role as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III on the television show Magnum, P.I. that aired from 1980 to 1988.

Was Higgins Robin Masters?

Higgins is the estate manager for Robin Masters’ beachfront estate on Oahu, called “Robin’s Nest”. In the final episode of the series, Higgins tells Magnum that he really is Robin Masters.

What is the cheapest Ferrari?

The cheapest Ferraris you can buy but probably shouldn’t

  • Dino 308 GT4 – Expect to pay: $25,000.
  • Ferrari 400i – Expect to pay: $20,000.
  • Ferrari 348 – Expect to pay: $35,000.
  • Ferrari Mondial – Expect to pay: $25,000.
  • Fiat Dino Coupe – Expect to pay: $25,000.

Was the original Magnum PI a Navy SEAL?

He served in both the SEALs and Naval Intelligence during his Navy years, and as such maintained many contacts in both “communities.” By the final episode of Magnum P.I. in 1988, Thomas had decided to return to active duty in the Navy at the rank Commander (O-5).

Who owns the original Magnum PI Ferrari?

The Ferrari sold today — which was purchased by an unidentified buyer at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Ariz. — is certified to have been driven by Selleck himself during the 1984-85 season of “Magnum P.I.”

Are Ferraris reliable?

Modern Ferraris are very reliable. It is true that once that 7 years is up, regular service on a Ferrari is not cheap. But then again, neither is the car and I don’t think service costs are proportionally out of line to the value of the car. I have Ferraris and Hondas.

How much did a Ferrari cost in 1980?

A 308 GTSi would have cost around $45,000 when it was introduced in 1980, which isn’t too far off what they go for today. And of course, $45,000 in 1980 translates to about $140,000 in 2017 money. The GTSi was added to the model range five years after the introduction of the 308 GTB coupe.

How did Magnum PI die?


By the time season seven rolled around, it seemed that Magnum, P.I. had run its course—so much so that the network had planned for that to be the show’s sendoff.

Has Magnum PI been canceled?

The network on Friday handed out second-season renewals to the freshman dramas FBI and Magnum P.I. and the comedy The Neighborhood. They represent the first round of renewals at the network and join the previously announced 15th and final season of Criminal Minds. The drama is now on its third showrunner.

Did TC really fly helicopter Magnum PI?

McKernan and Jones did several projects together, and Jones went off to Hawaii to work on “Magnum PI.” Roger E. Mosley, the actor who plays helicopter pilot T. C. in the “Magnum” series, actually is a licensed private helicopter pilot, according to McKernan, but Mosley is not allowed to do the stunts on the show.

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