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Custom Seat Covers Specially Designed for Side Airbags

Stretchmaster custom made airbag compatible car seat covers have been tested and meet the LTNZ (formerly LTSA) standards.  These custom made car seat covers incorporate a specially crafted seam to allow the normal function, safety and deployment of a side impact airbag.

If your car has side impact airbags, it is very important that when purchasing a car seat cover on this website that you select the  [WITH FRONT AIR BAG PROVISION] option to ensure you get the correct seat cover. Not all seat fabrics are airbag compatible so remember to check your custom car seat cover selection includes the airbag provision.

The special airbag deployment seam area is identified with a side airbag tag sewn into the side of the seat cover. Place this tagged side over the side impact airbag on your seats backrest.

The seam accommodations will in no way affect the fit or durability of the seat cover.

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